New Gold Coin takes Center Stage

New Year's Gold Coin for Orthodox Eastern Christians worldwide

The Beautifully Minted Golden Vasilopita Keepsake Coin of St. Basil The Great was designed by Father George Papadeas expressly for the purpose of preserving and continuing this Wonderful Occasion.”

— Lee Papadeas

PALM COAST, FL, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2022 / -- Would you love to discover a gold coin you left in some cardboard box in your dresser?
A memory of finding the coin in the New Year's cake will suddenly bring that day you remember maybe some 50 years ago.

Vasilopita Coin & Display Case

This Beautiful Gold Coin with the image of St. Basil The Great was designed by Father George expressly for the purpose of this wonderful occasion.

A tradition that has endured for over 1600 years may be in jeopardy. Father George Papadeas, the first American-born Greek Orthodox priest in the United States, saw to it before his passing, that all who celebrated New Year's would come away with the thoughts and experiences that he enjoyed as a child.
With the melding of interfaith marriages, his concern was that the Greek Vasilopita Ceremony cutting would eventually fade.

The Vasilopita, or St. Basil's bread has been an Eastern Orthodox Christian Tradition over the past sixteen centuries.
Much like the famous King Cake in New Orleans, people of all ages love surprises, especially the youngest among us.
The golden Vasilopita coin, or St. Basil's coin that is hidden in the Vasilopita cake on New Year's eve is cause for celebration and the lucky winner who gets the coin and with it, a lifelong memory keepsake.

How do you keep a memory alive? The simple answer is tradition and that point when anticipation meets reality.
You will often remember those moments like your first school play, your first pet, your graduation, and your first step with your spouse.
Well not so far from those moments is the annual celebration of New Year for Eastern Orthodox Christians.

It is like winning your own personal lottery, when the family gathers at the table on New Year's Eve to cut the Vasilopita, a large round sweet bread loaf containing only one coin, a Golden Saint Basil Coin. In the past, that same exuberance was to find a simple quarter dollar wrapped in tin foil, but now, thanks to Patmos Press, the surprise is elevated to a gold-plated coin, that the winner gets to memorialize winning their good luck for the coming year. That coin will bring back memories whenever it is seen, and will always follow with the encounter as told by the recipient for years to come. Think back on any item discovered during spring cleaning or when moving, or even after a funeral, mixed emotions are stirred and remembered.

The forever keepsake coin known as the Golden Vasilopita Coin, was introduced by its original designer, Father George Papadeas before his passing in 2011, and have been blessed by a Greek Orthodox priest for the foreseeable future.

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“Therefore brethren stand fast and hold the traditions which ye have been taught whether by word or our epistle.” - Thessalonians 2:15

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