The Three Important Principles for Living an Orthodox Life

For most people in society, the orthodox way of life is outdated and tedious. However, it is not monastic like many people think, even though monasticism was part of the early church. Today, the Orthodox lifestyle is more of living a life that is less stressful and more meaningful. We are not required to live the most honored life or follow the monastic way of living. To an extent, we have the same goals. Like the monks, we also seek holiness and union with God, we should follow the principle of spiritual growth no matter which path we chose, we also need to have faith in God and accept the life given to us by Christ Himself through His Church. In this blog, we have listed a few points you should do as an Orthodox Christian.

Prayer is the foundation of the Orthodox way of life. It is also a conversation between you and the Almighty. When you pray, you unite your soul with God and receive the gift of His grace to aid you in overcoming your passions and living life based on love. To pray, you can choose a regular time and a private place, and you can do it every day in the morning and at night. Don’t try to modify it as Praying to God is not an exercise but communion with the creator. Remember, Prayer is the key to entering a life based on virtues.

Read Scripture
Living a spiritual life is a bit challenging. It is like traveling through rough waters and steep slope of mountains. However, reading the Scripture or Orthodox Christian books, especially books that talk about the lives of Christ and other Saints, can inspire you with the courage to continue along the path. You will see how those before you have traveled the same route, and with persistence and faith in the Almighty, they have reached greater heights and conquered every difficult situation.

Worship in the Church is an essential part if you want to live a life in Christ. The Church is the body of Christ on earth, and when we sing and pray together, we worship and praise the Holy Name along with the Angels and Saints in Heaven. In the Orthodox Church, we also have a few Sacraments which include the Holy Communion, Holy Confession, Holy Unction, Marriage, Ordination and Baptism and Chrismation.

As an Orthodox Christian, you need to know the many ways on how to find union with God. We have Orthodox Christian books for you to read and understand more about the Orthodox way of life.


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