Beautiful Gold Coins for Greek Orthodox this Year

The Greek Tradition of the Vasilopita captivating young and old with a “Prize-Inside” mentality, this year with a gold-plated surprise.

The Official Golden Vasilopita Coin of St. Basil will forever preserve your memory of winning it for Good Luck for the year.”

— Lee Papadeas

PALM COAST, FL, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2021 / -- The Greek Tradition of the Vasilopita has captivated young and old for almost 1,600 years with a “Prize-Inside” mentality, but this year there is a gold-plated surprise.

The anticipation of getting the coin inside the Vasilopita is shared by young and old, and those in the 40 to 70 age brackets will remember getting a simple quarter wrapped in aluminum foil, but this year it will be remembered with a shiny Gold Coin as a forever keepsake.

Traditions like this are what every youngster remembers and cherishes about special family gatherings.
The Vasilopita ceremony is extremely important to preserve this time-honored tradition, especially in view of both the ever-growing inter-faith marriages and declining church attendance.

Greeks in the United States, as well as an estimated 220 million Eastern Orthodox around the world, share the same tradition in various ways; but all will be baking the customary Vasilopita Cake intended to bring good luck for the New Year.

Vasilopita (pronounced as vaa-see-low-pee-ta) when literally translated, simply means Saint Basil Cake, and this year it is elevated with a stunningly beautiful Gold Coin as a keepsake for the lucky winner.

People have been placing all kinds of valuables in this cake, from actual Gold and Silver, to basic street coins, but now there is a better way for those memories to be forever remembered, with the Official Golden Vasilopita Coin which was designed and minted by Father George L. Papadeas of Blessed Memory, and blessed by Father Joseph Samaan of Saint Demetrios Church in Daytona Beach, Florida.

The New Year’s custom of the Vasilopita, revolves around the epic story of a wealthy man in 357 AD who was known for his incredible philanthropy by distributing fortunes among the poor and later becoming a Bishop. Saint Basil the Great, as he was later known, is credited as being the father of the modern-day Hospital and to whom the Catholic Church refers as the "Doctor” of the Church.

On New Year’s Eve, either as its own affair, or as a dinner dessert celebration, the entire family sits around the table as the head of the household begins the ceremonial cutting of the Vasilopita Cake.

Children and adults alike, anxiously await as each piece of cake is cut, to see if their piece reveals the hidden coin. Tradition dictates that the person who wins the Golden Vasilopita Coin receives good fortune for the coming New Year, and the others look forward to getting their own coin next year.

The United States became a world power with the help, hard work, and dogged determination of the immigrants that landed upon our shores in the early 1900’s looking for the proverbial streets paved with gold. The Greek immigrants came to the United States with big dreams, and simple hopes, bringing their traditions and associated thrill of finding the coin each year, thus a beautiful lasting family custom continues.

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