4 Easy Ways to get the Lucky Gold Vasilopita Coin for all Greek Orthodox

The Golden Saint Basil coin is the universal gesture of good faith to preserve the annual Greek Orthodox Vasilopita Tradition, and the lucky one who gets it.

DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, November 1, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- The Gift Giving Season is upon us, and Patmos Press announced they now offer the Golden Vasilopita Coin in 4 variations to fit any budget, but only while supply lasts at vasilopita.com
The Legend of Vasilopita and the Lucky Gold Coin
The St. Basil coin is the universal gesture of good faith, designed and minted by Father George Papadeas, the first American-Born Greek Orthodox priest, whose primary reason to offer this coin, was to preserve the long-standing Vasilopita Tradition, particularly for youngsters and those in mixed marriages, who may not know the ancient story of St. Basil the Great, the original organizer of today’s hospital system and Patron Saint of Generosity.

Who will find the Lucky Coin? The anticipation of young and old finding the coin begins with the traditional cutting of the Vasilopita Cake, the fortunate one who gets the coin is rumored to enjoy Good Luck in the ensuing year.

This family affair is one of the most enjoyable customs of the Greek Orthodox Church and celebrated by all Eastern Orthodox faithful the world over. The annual family gathering to cut the Vasilopita on New Year’s Day is perpetuated from the original event which happened 1,600 years ago, and is very much alive around the world in Eastern Orthodox homes every year.

The Greek word “VASILOPITA” is directly translated as “Sweet Bread of Basil”. When the Vasilopita is prepared, sweet flavoring is added to the ingredients, symbolizing the sweetness and joy of life everlasting. Vasilopita is the symbolic hope that the New Year will be filled with the sweetness of life, health, and happiness for all those who participate in the ceremony.

A coin is baked into the dough or placed into the bread, and when cut into slices by the senior member of the family, the individual who receives the slice containing the coin is considered Blessed with Good Luck for the upcoming New Year.

Each portion of the Vasilopita Bread (or Cake) is distributed in order, with the first portion cut in remembrance of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the second is for the Holy Mother, The Virgin Mary, the third is for St. Basil the Great, and the remaining portions are cut for the members of the family beginning with the oldest, down to the youngest.

Portions may also be cut for the Church, the House, the Traveler, the Visitor and the Poor.
The Official St. Basil the Great Golden Vasilopita Coins are available throughout the year, but most popular during Christmas and New Year, as a uniquely beautiful gift that will truly inspire the recipient.

More options of the same coin are available in 4 different formats to allow you more choices.
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A word of caution to be mindful when serving any Vasilopita slice to small children and the elderly as the coin could prompt a choking hazard.

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